Friday, May 13, 2011


I scramble to this place of rest
With leaden feet and heaving chest.
I’ve walked all day, I’m tired and sore,
Don’t want to be here anymore.
My lifelong dream to do this trail:
Alone, unfettered, a ship in sail
Upon the sprawling ocean deep,
No work deadlines, no loss of sleep.
But now I stumble, no longer able.
My dream, my vision growing unstable.
I long for worldly things like cars
And showers and Starbucks, chocolate bars.
But as I stop and breathe, I see
The setting sun surrounding me.
I feel I’m flying towards the source,
Immersed in nature’s power and force.
It’s gold embrace, silken and pure:
This is it! Of that I’m sure.


  1. Wonderful. I love it. Classic.

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback!