Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Dance of Light

A sea of light pours through the darkness of my soul
Washing o'er the pain of lies and loss
That dwell like squatters: stubborn usurpers.
Feeding my hunger to be alone.

You brought that sea of light; it gushes forth from you.
I slowly learn to trust it will not disappear.
With wary caution I draw the curtains from my heart
To let in love and life and light.

So gently loving, like the delicate ripples of a stream
Dancing lightly on the surface, reflecting Heaven's light.
Your heart-filled laugh, reassuring smile
Lure me from my shadowed solitude.

Now resting my head in the hollow of your neck
Your strong arm engulfing me holding me tight.
I feel your pulse against my cheek
I want this to last forever, this perfect joy.

I know it can't. Light fades away with dusk
Like a butterfly in springtime.
And joy can burst any time like a balloon
Leaving a shock of nothingness but a broken memory.

But sitting here, my heart feels light
No longer burdened with the heaviness of shadows
But beating in time with yours, sharing your light.
I yield to the force of life, calling, calling...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Time to change.

Time passes by, on and on.
I'm passing by, on and on.
Time is invisible.
I'm nearly invisible.

A cloaked thief,
Stealing through the world.
Take and take with no return.
Plunder on.

But things change. Time heals.
The dark of winter lifts
To herald spring.
Nature dances to time.

Can time change me?
Can I stop in time?
I bow my head and wait
for time to work its magic.