Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Dance of Light

A sea of light pours through the darkness of my soul
Washing o'er the pain of lies and loss
That dwell like squatters: stubborn usurpers.
Feeding my hunger to be alone.

You brought that sea of light; it gushes forth from you.
I slowly learn to trust it will not disappear.
With wary caution I draw the curtains from my heart
To let in love and life and light.

So gently loving, like the delicate ripples of a stream
Dancing lightly on the surface, reflecting Heaven's light.
Your heart-filled laugh, reassuring smile
Lure me from my shadowed solitude.

Now resting my head in the hollow of your neck
Your strong arm engulfing me holding me tight.
I feel your pulse against my cheek
I want this to last forever, this perfect joy.

I know it can't. Light fades away with dusk
Like a butterfly in springtime.
And joy can burst any time like a balloon
Leaving a shock of nothingness but a broken memory.

But sitting here, my heart feels light
No longer burdened with the heaviness of shadows
But beating in time with yours, sharing your light.
I yield to the force of life, calling, calling...

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